Facing Repossession

Facing Repossession in Herefordshire?

Facing Repossession
Repossession is the legal process which a mortgage company goes through that will allow them to take possession of your home as a result of non payment of your mortgage.

They will instigate this process when you have fallen into mortgage arrears.

Your mortgage company will have the legal right to evict you from your home once they have been granted a Possession Order.

Once your home has been repossessed, you may find it a struggle to get accepted for a loan or mortgage in the future.

We are fully aware of the stresses and strains, that facing repossession of your home can put on you and your family. You are not sure which way to turn, and what to do next. We suggest you contact us, for an honest and understanding approach to dealing with your current situation.

As a home owner, if you are unable to make your mortgage payments or payments on a secured loan which has your home as collateral, and your payments fall into arrears, then the finance companies which you are indebted to, will look at ways of recouping their monies.

This may result in you being repossessed and therefore evicted from your property.

Please don’t bury your head in the sand hoping all this will go away, Property Pilgrims can assist.

If you are Facing Repossession – we can help you now in Herefordshire. Property Pilgrims, based in Hereford are ready help and assist with your property – divorce, repossession, broken chain, relocation. Call us, get in touch with us right now, we will help

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