Broken Chain

Are You Part of a Broken Property Chain in Herefordshire?

Broken ChainOne of the main reasons for needing to sell quickly is a broken property chain. Property chains are uncertain and unpredictable, and can often leave you unsure of when your move will happen or whether it will ever happen at all.

One in three chains breakdown leaving people stranded with no hope of an immediate buyer on the horizon.

We guarantee a sale, which means there is no risk of a buyer backing out or the chain breaking down. We can put you in control of the timetable so you can move when you’re ready. You can also use our offer as a back-up – just in case your open-market sale falls through at the last minute.

We buy direct from you. We remove the worry and uncertainty of the housing chain, and offer a service that is tailored to your needs.

Property Pilgrims can give you a legally binding agreement to complete the purchase and you can give us a few days notice when you know for sure that your new property is available. We can make funds instantly available, which means you can negotiate benefits as a cash buyer on your next home.

Please don’t bury your head in the sand hoping all this will go away, Property Pilgrims can assist.

If you are Facing Repossession – we can help you now in Herefordshire. Property Pilgrims, based in Hereford are ready help and assist with your property – divorce, repossession, broken chain, relocation. Call us, get in touch with us right now, we will help

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